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We are a growing Marketing & Hosting business in Whistler, British Columbia.  Our company believes in building partnerships with Property Owners to both market and manage their properties built on trust and transparency.  Our personal approach strives to provide great service for a reasonable price.  

Our Story

In 2014 I read a book on the sharing economy and immediately bought into the concept.  I wanted to position myself for the coming change and when I looked at Whistler property, I was convinced I had found my solution.  I drove to Whistler to look at properties and when I asked the realtor how much revenue I could expect, he showed me some numbers pre and post management fees.  I was shocked at the size of the management fees and thought there had to be a better way.  I put together some friends, we bought enough properties to hire our own manager and went about proving our business model. 

We believe in the sharing economy and use a variety of 3rd generation sharing economy sites like Airbnb to market our units.  We don’t believe in revenue at all costs, we are looking for optimal revenue.  It’s important to recognize that revenue at all costs doesn’t take into account the wear and tear on your property and can cost you more than you realize.  We want to sit down with you and put together a customized plan that works for you.

Our Goals

1.  Transfer the power from Property Managers to Property Owners.  We are tired of Property Managers driving nice cars with expensive lifestyles while the property owner struggles to cover their mortgage.  

2.  No long term contract, no hassles, if you are not happy and we are not meeting your expectations on a day to day basis, you are free to leave.

3.  We are not looking for clients, we are looking partners.  Too many owners have been kept in the dark for too long.  We want to change that.

4.  No limits on owner usage.  You own it and should be free to use it.

5.  No hidden back end fees.

6.  Drive Management fees lower. 

our team

Tim Logie, MBA, CFA

Tim Logie is the co-founder of Whistler One Marketing and Exam Strategy Academy, a company teaching students custom strategies to achieve their goals. He is also a Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary for Eagle Graphite Incorporated, and has previously worked as a Portfolio Manager. In his spare time he enjoys biking and running in Whistler and coaching soccer. 

Angelo Rabasca

Angelo Rabasca is the co-founder and Operations Manager of Whistler One Marketing. He has 17 years of sales and marketing expertise in industries ranging from sporting goods to eye care to property management. 

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